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Barbershop Information

Barbershop Information:

Strait Razor Barbershop maintains clean hair and groom equipment. Any instrument that comes in contact with your skin is properly cleaned and disinfected. Any item that cannot be disinfected is single use. All single use items are immediately disposed of in proper containers. We maintain a clean, quiet, relaxed environment.

Hair: All clipper blades, trimmers are cleaned, disinfected and oiled after each client, and frequently immersied in an Oster wash. Scissors and combs are washed thoroughly and disinfected with Barbicide between each use.

Shave: We use chrome/steel non-permeable razor handle with disposable blades only (Parker, Weishi) Blades are always opened from their sterile package in front of you. The handle is thoroughly washed, wiped with mild bleach rinse and rubbing alcohol after each use. All brushes are synthetic only and immersed in Borox for sanitation purposes. All towels are bleached after each use.

We reserve the right to refuse shave services if skin is irritated with rash, blemishes or any open sores.

If you consistently develop razor bumps, folliculitis or abscesses on the nape of your neck inform your barber and ask them about their sanitation measures. If they can’t or won’t answer to your satisfaction rethink your choice of barber.

Any bacterial issues that require antibiotics should always be addressed by a licensed physician.

Policy for no-shows:

You are welcome to rebook and you will be required to pay full cost of service in advance via Etransfer. That means payment prior to appointment – no exceptions;

Hope to see you soon!